1. Relevant back when I found it, still relevant now.
    "She wasn’t EVERYTHING you ever wanted. You WANTED a willing partner to work on your mutual relationship issues and she bailed on you. She wouldn’t put in the work you all NEEDED much less wanted. What happens when the going really gets tough? You think you want someone who will just leave rather then tough it out? Stop thinking of her as "golden" because it won’t help you.You’ll find someone else who works even better for you and will want to put in the effort. You are young, there are other people with similar interests, and still lots of new fun things to try. You got this! "

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  2. I hope it’s the last time you cry over me too.

    It’s better for everyone. You said you didn’t love me anymore, why cry? You don’t need me. You didn’t even try to give me even one reason I should stay friends with you. Do those nearly two years mean nothing to you? Was there no meaning to it? Evidently not, as you couldn’t even be bothered to talk to me about it.

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  3. jojosbizarrevoices:


    何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何何 !

    I can see it.

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  4. You say I should move on to someone better..

    But I still want you.

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  5. I fucked up.

    Whatever happens tomorrow, if it goes south then I deserved it. She was supposed to be the most important person in my life, but I took her feelings for granted. Even though I listened and spent nearly every weekend with her, I never gave her those words of affirmation or showed my appreciation for what she did for me.

    Even if she didn’t tell me what was wrong.. that’s something basic I should have just known. I just wish I had been sat down and told that this was seriously hurting her earlier. But I can only blame myself. By the time I started to change my ways, it was probably too late.

    Maybe you’ll read this. Maybe you won’t. But I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’ll understand if you don’t want to forgive me.

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  6. So yeah.. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but I finally drew it.

    So yeah.. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but I finally drew it.

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  7. initial colors

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  8. defined lighting

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  10. Still a fine piece of comedy gold.

    Still a fine piece of comedy gold.

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